Complete Cleaning Checklist in a Moving Maid Service

Complete Cleaning Checklist in a Moving Maid Service in Rochester NY

Before moving in or out, you will need to clean the new place first, and to do this you will need to hire professional cleaners who will take care of the cleaning process.

The cleaners will always make a checklist where they will include items that will be cleaned so that the new or the old place that you are leaving looks impressive. So, if you are based in Rochester NY, you need to book the cleaners who have a good reputation when it comes to moving in or out to do the job for you.

So, let us now take a look at the checklist that the cleaners providing the moving maid service in Rochester NY follows.


Cleaning the kitchen is very time-consuming for the cleaners. In this area, they will be cleaning

  • The Ovens

To make the ovens clean, the cleaning professionals will remove all the loose debris and will apply water and baking soda to remove the grease. They will wipe it off with a damp cloth.

  • The Stove

For cleaning the top of the stove, the cleaners providing the house cleaning services in Rochester, NY will remove the debris with a brush and will apply baking soda with hydrogen peroxide. And after applying it for a couple of hours they will wipe the stovetop with cool water.

  • The Fridge

Before cleaning the fridge, the professionals will unplug it and clear everything out and spray inside and outside with a special solution. Then, they will wipe off everything with a damp cloth or a clean towel.

  • The Sink

The sink is the place that will require cleaning with baking soda and vinegar. The cleaners will let the mixture soak for some minutes and then clean them with water.

  • The Floor

The floor will be swept by the cleaners with a mop and warm water. Other than these they will also apply several cleaning solutions to make the process real quick.

  • The Kitchen Counter

The professionals employed in the Rochester cleaning service will use distilled white vinegar with water and other essential oils to clean the kitchen. They will wipe the countertops thoroughly with this solution.

The Bathroom

After the kitchen, this is another area that requires a lot of time for effective cleaning. Cleaning of the bathroom includes

  • Toilet and Sink

By applying baking soda and vinegar the cleaners will clean the dirt, etc. from the sink and the toilet.

  • Mirrors

To clean the mirrors they will apply vinegar.

  • Floor

For the floor, the cleaners will apply a mixture of dish soap and vinegar to remove the grease, dirt, and other particles.

The Living Area

After the kitchen, the cleaners will work on the living area which includes

  • The Windows

Using vinegar, water, and detergent, the cleaners will spray the combination of these three to the windows to clean them effectively.

  • The Doors

When it comes to the doors the personnel in the job will wipe the top and front area of the doors with a towel and soap along with the doorknobs!

  • Wall, Floors, and Carpet

The wall, floor, and the carpet will be cleaned with special agents by the cleaners. When it comes to the carpets they will do steam cleaning to achieve the maximum effect.

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