How Professional Cleaners Make Window Glasses Spotless?

How Professional Cleaners Make Window Glasses Spotless?

In a home cleaning, professional cleaners in NY make the window glasses spotless by removing dust, dirt, stains, spots, etc. For this, they follow several procedures and here, we will be talking about some of them as this will help you to make a list of the questions that you can ask the cleaners.

Making Cloudy Glasses Clean

Professional cleaners providing the Maid service in NY will use vinegar or vinegar-based solutions to clean the cloudiness as this is mainly caused by water deposits.

The cleaners spray the vinegar-based solution on the windows glasses and use a microfiber cloth to wipe clean and leave them dry for a few minutes for achieving the best solution, and they use the vinegar-based solution since it is safe and effective.

Removing Scratches from Window Glasses

Scratches on window glasses can look very unattractive. So, for removing them, the specialists use both chemicals and other simple solutions such as non-gel toothpaste.

They first clean the surface of the glass with a cleaning solution and let it dry. After that, they apply white toothpaste and wipe the glasses with it using a microfiber cloth in a circular motion for a minute or two and finally, after wiping the residue, the glass becomes fully scratch-free.

Removing Grease and Stickers from the Glasses

The cleaners will remove grease and stickers from your window glasses as well. This includes glue, sticky tapes, spills from drinks, etc. But for removing these, the cleaners will use alcohol-based cleaners and dust cloth. All they will do is apply the solution to wipe the grease or the stickers since the chemical will make them loose and they will become easier to remove.

This is a time-consuming process but offers good results if done properly.

Cleaning the Glass Stovetop

The experts providing home cleaning services in NY will use a couple of solutions to clean the stovetop since removing the dirt and grease is difficult from these surfaces.

The experts will use baking soda and vinegar to clean the stovetop. They will spray the solution on the glass surface and leave them for a couple of minutes unless it settles down. After that, they will use a damp cloth to wipe the surface fully clean.

Avoiding Streaks when Cleaning the Window Glass

During cleaning of window glasses, steaks are formed which is quite natural. But, as you can well imagine, they look quite unattractive. So, to avoid this, the cleaners use a squeegee after wetting the glass. Additionally, after cleaning the glass, they re-wipe it using a newspaper or a cloth quickly to make the streaks go away.

Removing Stains from the Window Glasses

Stains are not that difficult to remove and the process is more or less the same as that of removing the stickers and grease.

Here the professional cleaners in NY will mix water and vinegar in 50% proportion and wipe the glass with it. Sometimes, they might also use baking soda separately to remove the stains. But they will not mix it with vinegar since it is an acid and hence, the effectiveness of both solutions will diminish.

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