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clean company rochester ny
clean company rochester ny
Tina Servis
Owner / Founder

Founded in Rochester, NY, Tina started Maid 4 Time in 2008 right after the recession hit and her first business Make & Take Gourmet closed due to the economy. Not sure what direction to go in, Tina was faced with going back to corporate or trying her luck at another business venture. While researching small business opportunities, Tina stumbled across a magazine article on the art of house cleaning. Tina began researching the house cleaning business and reached out to her past clients from her first business and started her house cleaning business with one client who was willing to give her a try.

After a few months of providing house cleaning services to clients in the Rochester, NY area, Tina started to understand that being a professional house cleaner is a serious business. Being a professional home cleaner is way more than just hanging out a shingle, buying a mop and vacuum cleaner and cleaning, you really have to know your stuff! After cleaning for a few weeks, “I realized that cleaning with bleach and toxic chemicals was not for me.” My lungs would hurt at the end of the day and I decided that I did not want to clean with toxic chemicals.”

With this in mind, Tina began to research how to do house cleaning professionally without toxic chemicals not only for her safety but also for the clients houses. “It’s easy as a new house cleaner to think that you can use any product to clean, granite, or stainless steel, or marble, but you really have to know your stuff as a professionally cleaner. To walk into a home and start using an acid based product on marble is not only going to harm you, but you will most likely loose your client, and have a big bill to pay to fix the marble.” Maid 4 Time has spent countless hours on products that are safe for all different types of surfaces, and when in doubt, we always do our research. As the Best Clean Company Rochester NY, it’s important for us to know what types of surfaces are in your house so we don’t do any damage. Believe me, if your hiring a maid service, you want to know that they know their stuff!

At Maid 4 Time, we are dedicated to reducing our carbon footprint. While a clean company rochester ny, we strive to eliminated all paper waste in our cleaning process, we have state-of-the-art tools that are durable and can withstand years of use, and 99% of our house cleaning is completed using non-toxic chemicals.

We would love to have you as a client, and we look forward to working with you. Thanks for learning more about Maid 4 Time!