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Determining how to clean soap scum and hard water spots is one of those things that takes a little bit of determination and product knowledge. To get started, I would recommend trying to figure out why you are getting soap scum build up and or hard water stains, before determining how to clean it up. Here is what I have found to be the reasons for soap scum build up and the easiest ways to clean it up without using too much grit.

There are multiple reasons why you may be finding build up in your shower, it could be that you have hard water and the calcium deposits are etching the glass. It could be that you are using a soap that has a lot of wax in it. The wax drops to the bottom, and then the dirt you wash off your body begins to stick to the wax instead of going down the drain. You can make some simple changes to help eliminate this build up, this includes using a body soap that doesn’t contain as much wax, or no wax at all. At Maid 4 Time, we use several different methods, however, there is one product that I find to be of most help, that is a product called Zep, Tub and Tile. It has a bit of a strong smell to it, but it works wonders at removing soap scum and hard water stains. You can find Zep at Home Depot, Lowes, or on-line.

If you find that you don’t care to do any of that scrubbing on your own, give Maid 4 Time a call, we service Monroe and Ontario counties in NY.

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