Trained cleaners are experts in solving the different types of problems faced in a home cleaning service. They solve the problems taking a step by step approach and today we will be taking a look at the problems and the ways how they solve them. So, if you follow this discussion, you can ask the cleaners more about these problems and how they solve them before they start cleaning your apartment in NY.

Bathroom Fixture Cleaning

When cleaning the bathroom, the professional home cleaners in NY face coloured stains, rust stains and soils on the fixtures. So, to remove them, they use stiff brushes and acid-based rust remover solutions.

For removing the stains, the cleaners use powdered oxygen bleach as this has proved to be very effective against different types of stains on the fixtures.

Unclean Drain and Other Problems

The drain in the bathroom can get clogged due to the accumulation of waste materials. So, to solve the issue, the cleaners will use a drain opener solution to unclog it. On the other hand, if the dry drain opener becomes hard, they solve the problem by letting water seep into the drain to dissolve the drain opening agent.
Stickiness and Dullness in Floors

When the floors in your home become sticky, it is a problem for the cleaners since removing the grease that is causing the stickiness is a time-taking job. Anyway, to solve this problem, the experts providing house cleaning services in NY will use wax removers as the agent helps to loosen the grease.

At the same time, if the floors are left unclean, they will naturally look dull. So, to make them look shiny again, the cleaners will use the right cleaning solutions.

Problems while Cleaning Furniture

Cleaners face a wide range of problems when cleaning the furniture. Some of these are streaking, grease build-up, too much dust, etc.
To avoid streaking and to remove the grease, the cleaners use a soft clean cloth to remove the dust and dirt. But when the dust is too much, they will use the vacuum cleaner and then use a soft cloth to remove the remaining dust particles.

Window Glass Problems

Similar to that of furniture, the cleaning specialists face a range of problems while cleaning window glasses such as smudges, spots, etc. Nevertheless, they use different cleaning solutions to resolve the issues.

For removing the smudges, the residential cleaners in NY use glass cleaners. They apply the solution to the surface and wipe them off with a paper towel or a soft cloth. On the other hand, for removing the spots or stains, special cleaners or vinegar-based solutions are also used.

Worn out Carpet

If the carpet is not in a good shape, cleaning it can be very difficult for the home cleaners since they will have to remain careful to prevent additional damages to the fibres.

The cleaning professionals will vacuum the carpet and if the fibres are loose, they might use techniques other than steam cleaning to get the desired results.

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