You will find a number of cleaning companies in and around New York, and all will claim to be the best in the business. But you are not supposed to take their claims by their face value. Rather, you need to evaluate and compare these services against certain parameters. Of them, one is the quotes that they offer. Naturally, you would vouch for the lowest quote. But, there is a catch. While your natural instinct will be to grab the best deal, you must be aware of certain red flags.

In other words, you must be mindful of specific points.

Low Price may mean low time spent on cleaning

While you may be elated having come across a lower quote, it may very well be because the company spends lesser time on cleaning. Remember, janitorial pricing is predominantly based on the time spent on cleaning, though there are other reasons. That is the reason, as and when you get interested in a lower cleaning quote in NY, you must keep an eye on the time taken by the professionals and the quality of cleaning.

Low Quote may mean the use of less expensive cleaning supplies and materials

Another factor that determines a cleaning quote is the method or the varieties thereof, followed by the cleaners. It also denotes the quality of the cleaning tools and techniques and the cleaning products used by the cleaners. Thus, you must be mindful of the cleaning methods, tools and cleaning products used by the organization offering the cleaning service. This is where the advantage of hiring a reputed clean company in Rochester, NY will make a difference. Take, for instance, us. Although we offer a very affordable, upfront cleaning quote, we always follow a zero-compromise policy on quality. This ensures that our clients get the best service, qualitatively, at an affordable price.

Lower Price may mean cleaning conducted by untrained and less experienced professionals.

Every quality cleaning company anywhere in the world would engage only the best cleaning professionals who are well trained and well experienced. In fact, this is one of the factors that determine the cost of service. We do the same, and for that, we never quote an exorbitant price. But that’s Maid 4 Time! We cannot tell about others. Thus, when you get a low cleaning quote, that may very well mean the cleaning will be conducted by untrained and less experienced cleaners.

Lower Quote May indicate involvement of subcontractors.

Some companies would not conduct the cleaning themselves but will appoint a subcontractor to do all the cleaning. These companies would, at times, raise lower quotes. Thus, this is another point that you need to keep in mind while looking for cleaning quotes in and around NY.

One good thing about hiring our cleaners near Rochester, NY is that, despite assuring the best standard and maintaining quality on all these fronts, we would never quote an exorbitant price. Thus, to get in touch with us, call us (585) 205-2446 and for further details.

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