The days are getting longer, the sun is finally shining after months of gray skies and rain, and it’s starting to feel more like spring. That means that spring cleaning season has officially arrived! If you’re dreading this annual task because it’s always such a hassle, we have five tips to make spring cleaning a breeze so you can enjoy your home’s fresh new look all summer long.

1) First, Declutter

Now that the spring season is here, many of us will be motivated to clean out our closets and storage spaces to start fresh and organized. Decluttering is great for improving the look and feel of your space, as well as improving your mental health! An organized, decluttered space helps decrease stress and boost productivity.

If you’re looking for an exercise that will refresh your space and is rewarding, consider following our tips below on how to get rid of items you no longer need. This way, you can organize your home or apartment and simplify the spring cleaning process.  

  1. Start by organizing everything in one room or area of your home, so you have all of your things within reach. This will also keep you on track and keep you from getting overwhelmed during the decluttering process.
  2. Pick up each item and ask yourself these questions: Do I use it? Do I love it? Do I need it? Does it bring me joy? 
  3. If you answered no to any of those questions, set that item aside in a donation or sell pile. 
  4. If you answered yes to all three, put that item back where it belongs. You can integrate spring organization with your ‘keep’ items through this process, too!
  5. Repeat until everything is organized or donated! Now your home or apartment is decluttered and ready for deep spring cleaning.

You can donate your unwanted or unused items to your local thrift store or donation center, or you can try selling them on a platform like Facebook Marketplace for some extra cash in your pocket! 

2) Create a Cleaning Plan

It’s much easier to spring clean when you set aside time to do it and make a plan. Before you start, create a plan or schedule so that every room in your house is given proper attention. Feel free to adjust your spring cleaning plan to how it makes sense for your home or apartment, such as cleaning from room to room or focusing on specific areas one at a time. 

Once you come up with your spring deep cleaning plan, schedule an hour or two each week to clean to keep your home looking its best all year long. You can also reach out to Maid 4 Time, a professional cleaning company, to stay on top of your home’s cleaning needs in Rochester, Buffalo, or Orlando. By staying on top of your home or apartment’s cleaning, you won’t have to worry about your space getting progressively dirtier throughout the year. Your home will always stay spring-cleaned!

The best way to spring clean is to create a room-by-room checklist tailored to your house or apartment. This way, you can divide and conquer your spring deep cleaning and prevent getting overwhelmed or burnt out!

Our favorite room-by-room spring cleaning checklist is from Taste of Home, and you can access this checklist at This will help you to stay focused and on track to meeting your spring cleaning goals.

3) Prioritize Your Most-Used Spaces

If you choose to take on spring cleaning yourself, you should prioritize your most-used rooms and spaces first. These spaces tend to be the dirtiest! By prioritizing the dirtiest spaces in your home, you are able to knock out the hard work first and then move on to easier cleaning. 

The easiest way to do that is by starting with your kitchen, which is typically one of the busiest and therefore hardest areas to clean. After your kitchen is sparkling clean, move on to other high-traffic areas like bathrooms and bedrooms.  By prioritizing the messiest spaces first, you can make sure you’re getting maximum return for your efforts without getting overwhelmed. 

4) Clean From Top to Bottom

Start your spring cleaning by working from top to bottom. Wiping away cobwebs, changing air filters, and wiping down dusty light fixtures can be accomplished quickly, and any dust or debris knocked down will be taken care of when you clean the floors! 

Next focus on the ‘middle’ areas, which include windows, blinds, tables, and other areas between the ceiling and the floor. Again, by cleaning from the top-down, any dust, debris, crumbs, etc. will fall onto the floor, which you can clean up last! 

Last but not least, take care of your floors. Vacuum or sweep first and then mop if necessary. We recommend simplifying the mopping process with a microfiber mop or a Swiffer-style mop. One of these mop alternatives will make the process much faster and easier so your spring cleaning is a breeze!

5) Get Help with Spring Cleaning

Most people get discouraged by spring cleaning because of the amount of time it takes and because of the difficulty. A professional residential cleaning service can take this stress off of your shoulders! They know the best cleaning practices and the best tools and products to use to deep clean your home from top to bottom. You can just worry about decluttering and organizing, and leave the cleaning to the pros

Hiring a professional cleaning company like Maid 4 Time to help spring clean can save you time so that you can spend it enjoying the spring season with friends and family! Residential cleaning professionals come equipped with everything needed to deep clean an entire home, from floor cleaners to toilet brushes. This way, you won’t have to venture to find the best cleaning products or tools for spring cleaning. Your house will be as good as new in no time!

Spring Clean with Maid 4 Time

If you can’t find time to spring clean or simply don’t want to worry about spring cleaning, call a professional cleaning company to do it for you! Maid 4 Time offers thorough and effective residential cleaning services for your apartment or house in Buffalo and Rochester, New York, and Orlando, Florida. Starting with a deep cleaning service is the best way to get your home spotless top to bottom for the spring season.

With over 30 years of combined cleaning experience, you can be assured that your home will sparkle! Call Maid 4 Time today to schedule an initial deep cleaning service for your home or apartment or schedule weekly or biweekly cleaning services for spring!  

You can reach Maid 4 Time for your cleaning needs at (585) 205-2446 or visit to get a free quote. Maid 4 Time services the Rochester and Buffalo, New York areas as well as Orlando, Florida.

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