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Angelika-Rochester, NY Pro

I’ve been a House Cleanign Pro with Maid 4 Time since 2019.  Maid 4 Time house cleaning is an amazing group to be part of.   I am grateful that whenever I ask other cleaning pros  for help with anything client related, they are willing to drop what they are doing and help. It makes it feel like servicing our clients is a company-wide effort and truly helps with customer satisfaction and retention.

Ana Marie-Rochester, NY Cleaning Pro

“It has been AMAZING the learning experience I’ve had so far with Maid4time, from being able to provide my own availability and how flexible everyone has been with me. My experience overall with customers has been great as well, after every home I’ve had the chance to clean, watching people’s faces of happiness from having a clean home for whatever reasons they had to get service, is the BEST PART OF IT! Feeling like we change a lot of people’s life by just cleaning their homes is satisfying! I’m forever grateful for Maid4time!“

Breanna - Rochester, NY Pro

Maid 4 Time has been one of the best jobs I’ve ever had! They are super flexible, i love making my own schedule, and when life happens they are very understanding and caring and work with whatever is going on. We have an amazing group of people we work with as well! And of course the money is great but seeing clients happy is one of the best parts!! This has been more than just a job for me. Ive made friends and learned so much from maid 4 time. The skills I’ve learned from this job, i will take with me forever. I am forever grateful for being given the chance to work with this company!

Wendy - Rochester, NY Pro

“Being a partner with Maid 4 Time has been amazing in so many ways. Chose your schedule to work 2 or 5 days tight on money they always allow me to have extra jobs. Getting to know your clients Is always a bonus some don’t have many people to talk to so when you are in their home it makes them feel good to have someone around to talk to. The best part is the before and after making a huge difference in someone’s life”

Becky - Rochester, NY Cleaning Pro

“My experience with Maid 4 Time has been amazing. I love the hours and the money but what I love the most is cleaning the houses and looking at my work and loving every minute of it… I have a lot of experience with cleaning but Maid 4 Time helped me with a lot of joy and the girls I work with are simply wonderful ladies .. Thank you for giving me this wonderful opportunity to work with Maid 4 Time.”

Erica Rochester, NY Pro

“Working with Maid 4 Time has been a wonderful experience. I work with a great group of women who are so good at what they do, hardworking, go above and beyond, caring, just overall great people! I’ve also had so many great clients, and it’s so rewarding knowing how much you’re helping someone with these services, and really just making a difference in people’s lives. It’s honestly been so humbling and I’m so proud to be part of this amazing team.”