Pets are our companions for life. But since they shed fur and like to play in the mud (mostly), you have to remove those pugmarks quickly. Else, if they get dry, removing them can become painful. With that, regular vacuuming helps to keep your upholstery and floor free of the fur that they shed.

If you are in Rochester NY and have a pet, these are the points you need to follow to keep your apartment fully clean. However, even after following these if you still find that maintaining the cleanliness is becoming difficult; you will need to call professionals providing apartment cleaning near Rochester NY.

  • Clean Pets is Equal to a Clean Apartment

If you keep your pets clean, you will not need to worry about the cleanliness of your apartment because then, there will be fewer chances of dirt or other germs that can come directly from your pet. For that, you will need to groom your pet frequently.

Use good pet shampoo and bathe them outdoors if possible. Also, make sure they get dry. Else, your room will be covered with water. Besides, to reduce fur shedding, trim them and use proper medications.

  • Regular Vacuuming

If you notice fur here and there, you will need to vacuum your apartment regularly.

Make sure you are using the right attachment for the vacuum cleaner that can remove not only dirt and dust but also the fur.

While vacuuming, however, keep your pet chained because if they run around, it will make the process harder. Also, since the vacuum cleaner is on, it can prove to be hazardous for your pet.

  • Give Special Attention to the Upholstery

Some upholstery, made mainly of fabric, can act as a hair magnet. Moreover, they are vulnerable to stains and odour. So, expert cleaners near Rochester NY recommend that you either train your pet not to be cosy on the sofa. Or you change the sofa totally since cleaning it will be a strenuous job for you as well as professional cleaners.

  • Buy Enzyme Removers

Stains caused by pet urine are something that you will face for life. But to remove them and the associated odour, you should buy enzyme remover.

These solutions remove the enzyme found in pet urine and this will help you to remove the odour as well. However, if you want to fully remove the odour, you can use essential oils and deodorisers.

  • Steam Clean your Carpet

Apart from the upholstery, you will get to see pet stains, odour and fur from the carpets as well. So, you will need to vacuum your carpet and get it steam cleaned by a Rochester maid service.

Another reason why you should get it steam cleaned is that it keeps your pet safe from mould and other harmful bacteria and viruses.

  • Sanitise your Apartment

Apart from cleaning, you should sanitise your apartment using recommended sanitisers to keep COVID-19 and other viruses at bay.

Since these viruses are highly transmissible and even the pets are affected, you should take sanitising seriously.

Let Expert Cleaners Make Your Home Pristine Clean

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