As a professional cleaning company one of the services that we offer to our clients is cleaning of areas that are not part of the normal routine cleaning. One of the areas I highly recommend is cleaning of the ice maker.

Ice makers are great and very convenient, especially those built right into your refrigerator. But just like portable ice machines, the auto maker ice machines need to be cleaned and maintained to eliminate the possibility of E.coli and other viruses like Norovirus, salmonella and other molds and fungus. So how do you maintain an ice maker? 

Here are some tips from Tina Servis, Owner of Maid 4 Time

  • Change your filter:  Typically, manufacturers require you to change out the filter every 6 months, change the water filter as part of your normal maintenance, I put a note on my calendar just like my reminder for the smoke detectors.
  • Organize your freezer:  Make sure your frozen foods are sealed properly or double wrapped so your food to avoid spills or smell contamination. It’s also important not to have direct contact with your ice trays or ice maker.
  • Don’t Use Your Hands:  This is a common thing in most households, if you don’t have an ice dispenser in your refrigerator door, use a scoop or some type of measuring cup to remove the ice from the container.  Our hands are full of stuff that you don’t want on your ice
  • Wash your ice bin:  Just like changing the filter, and using a scoop, you want to ensure that you are regular cleaning out your ice bin to eliminate any bacteria, food etc., that has build-up in the bin. I typically dump out the ice and wash the bin with hot soapy water and wipe down with paper towels
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