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You may have noticed on t.v, social media or even heard on the radio how any people are on the DIY (do it yourself) kick. Have you ever thought why? How could people switch from the good smells and amazing clean that cleaning products I buy at the store to all natural?! Well you’re not alone, but these “DIYers” have secrets and Maid 4 Time is going to share the top 3 reasons people are making the switch.

One of the up most reasons people are in on this DIY buzz is because they are saving so much money! Who doesn’t love to save money?! In reality, most individuals pay $5-$25 per store bought cleaner (if not more)! Compare that to most DIY cleaners, that can cost you less than $1 to make. You will quickly find that you can’t not afford to make your own cleaning products.

The process may seem intimidating. Rule 1- Don’t over think! If you can measure liquid into a measuring cup or measuring spoon, you’re already half way there. Plus, in less than 2 minutes, you can whip up numerous DIY cleaning products that will last 5X’s longer than the next time you go to the grocery store!

Don’t get us wrong, there a good handful of safe store-bought brand cleaners on the shelf, but even the best of the best can contain a billion (exaggeration) of toxic ingredients. Upping the amount of chemicals, we put in our homes also means upping the amount of toxins we breathe in and or absorb through our skin.

Side note: anything that we touch (for no longer than 26 seconds) is already seeping into our blood stream!

Back to the point.
Some of our most common household cleaners such as, fragrance sprays, are just spitting out toxins like, ammonium, glycerol ether, sodium borate, and even formaldehyde to name a few. These toxins can cause birth defects, nasty hormone change, respiratory disrupts and skin irritations. Ill stop there before I gross you out anymore.

Not only are these chemicals having toxic effects on the body, but also the environment! Particularly sea life. These chemicals are only partially removed, by wastewater treatment plants. These plants don’t readily break down the toxins that are persistently found in our aquatic life.

These Reasons here should be reason enough to give DIY a try. Imagine how much money, time and health you could save by trying to do a little bit of a lifestyle change!

Maid 4 Time made things a little easier for you and happened to put together a “recipe book” of DIY cleaners together for you! Give them a try and tell us what you think.

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