As we are ending the month of February, there a few tips and tricks we can help you with when it comes to tidying up your home. As you may remember, in January, we shared a video to show you how to de-clutter and try to stay a little more organized. Now here are our February ideas.

Hopefully January’s tips helped you to get organized and find a home for most of your stuff. During that organizational process, you may have stumbled across some dust bunnies. The good news, you don’t have to feed them, the “dust bunnies” that is. Here are some dusting tips that we use at Maid 4 Time for cleaning up our client’s homes.

When dusting a room, you will want to start dusting the highest point of your room to the lowest, what we call in the house cleaning industry as top to bottom. You will want to get a sturdy dusting pole that has a microfiber attached to it. You can get these at Amazon or even at your local big box store. Start at the left side of the room and work your way across the room, so top to bottom, left to right. Then move down to the light fixtures, ceiling fans and door frames.

Using a vacuum with a long hose is an easy time saving way to go about this, however, make sure you long hose has a soft bristle brush at the end of it, otherwise you may scratch your wall. Some of my vacuum cleaners are Miele, and Sanitaire, both are great, but if you were to ask me, my favorite is the Miele, they last a long time and do a great job! If you find that you don’t have a long dusting pole or the vacuum, then here are some alternatives. Use a long-handled duster broom, just secure a T-shirt over the bristles and BOOM! You have a long-handled duster! And its width will be helpful in saving time as well.

Moving on to chandeliers and other lighting fixtures. If they need a deep cleaning, you can wash the parts in a solution of one-part vinegar and three parts warm water (you may also put in a few drops of dawn dish soap if dust is caked on). To do this, remove the lighting fixtures (make sure they are not hot from the light) Let the light fixtures soak while you dust the remainder of the room. Working your way down, dust the headboards dressers, end tables, coffee tables, mantles etc. Anything that is at eye level with you. In the house cleaning business, we love microfiber cloths. I also recommend to dust items, especially wood items, either with a damp cloth or a dry cloth. Real wood furniture can be picky and unless the manufacture has recommended a certain product, it’s best to stick to a dry cloth. If you are finding it’s too much dust, well then call us, or, use a damp cloth, that will help to eliminate the dust from flying around.

Lastly you will want to move toward the ground. Dust any vents baseboards and hard to reach corners. You can also use the same water/ vinegar mixture to wife down the vents and baseboards. You may then dry and place your lighting back together.

This dusting, at first may seem to get you stuffed up, but the benefits of continuous dusting will improve your breathing and sleeping, even reduces strain on your heart. If you find you have a continuous dust in your house, you may need an air purification system. Maid 4 Time is a distributor for Green Tech Environmental and we use their products.

I hope this article helps you to do some dusting in your home. Should you find it’s not your thing, that’s what we are here for, give us a call to help with your house cleaning needs.

With February being a month revolved around hearts and cancers, this chemical free and easy cleaning will benefit you and your all-around health.

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