Grease and stains are the two things that can be seen in any house. But to remove them, the professionals follow different procedures and here we will discuss some of them in detail. Therefore, if you are in Rochester NY and planning to hire home cleaners, go through this blog to get an overview of the steps that they follow. Also, after going through this blog if you wish to solve your queries, write them down so that you can ask the cleaners.

Stain Removal

So, let us first start with how the home cleaners near NY remove the stains.

Making a Natural Solution

Many artificial cleaning solutions are available that can help in stain removal. But professionals frequently use natural solutions since they are eco-friendly and devoid of harsh chemicals.

For making the solution, the cleaners use baking soda with warm water and vinegar. This solution is effective against moderate stains and is mostly used to wipe clean the different areas.

Using Hydrogen Peroxide for Removing the Stains

Another very effective solution that is being used by the cleaners is hydrogen peroxide. This solution loosens the compounds that make the stains and hence makes it easier to remove those using cloths and brushes. For this reason, many cleaners are now using this solution to make your home free of stains.

Using Rubber Erasers to Remove Pencil and Crayon Stains

To remove wall-stains that are created by pencils or crayons, the professionals providing the house cleaning service in Rochester NY use rubber or gum erasers. But if this solution turns out to be ineffective, the cleaners use baking soda with water.

On the other hand, when it comes to stains created by ink, the professionals use foam or shaving cream to dissolve them effectively.

Using Isopropyl Alcohol for Removing Stains made with Permanent Markers

Isopropyl alcohol is very effective against removing wall stains. So, the cleaners apply the solution to the stain and use a cotton ball to remove them. Other than these, the other natural solutions that help in removing the stains made from permanent markers include the usage of nail polish removers, toothpaste and hair spray.

Grease Removal

Now we will discuss how professionals providing Rochester NY home cleaning services remove the grease.

Using Dish Soap

This is a safe solution that is often used by home cleaners to remove the grease from microwave and dishes and can also be used to remove grease from the stovetop.

Using Citrus Oil

To remove grease from the surface of appliances or windows, professionals often use citrus oil as the solution helps to break down the components that make the grease. Also, the solution smells good and is hence used by nearly all cleaners.

Using Water and Baking Soda

To remove the stains from pots and pans, the house cleaners use baking soda mixed with water as the solution disintegrates different types of grease.

Using rubbing alcohol and salt

If removing grease from certain fabric such as carpets, couches, etc. is the requirement, home cleaners use rubbing alcohol and salt.

They apply the mixture to the greasy areas and let it dry for a while. After that, they vacuum the spots to remove the grease effectively.

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