Are you in the market for a reliable and trustworthy house cleaning service? Hiring an experienced and professional crew can make your life easier, but choosing the right service is key. Here are some tips to help you find a house cleaner that you can trust!

on-line reviews

House Cleaning Reviews

Research Companies Online

on-line reviewStart your search by researching local companies online. Read customer reviews and feedback, take a look at their portfolios, and educate yourself on their cleaning processes and techniques. This can help you get an idea of the company’s reputation and quality of service, as well as determine if they are the right fit for you.

Service Offering

Not all cleaning companies are the same. Some offer a wide range of services like Move-in move-out, deep cleanings, and weekly, bi-weekly and monthly services.  Some even offer organizational services and hoarder clean-up.  Check the house cleaning company’s site or ask if there are any services that are not offered, such as laundry service, kitchen clean up, and pet relief clean up.  

Consider a Background Check on the Cleaners.

When you’re searching for a house cleaning service, it is wise to consider doing a background check on the cleaners. A good house cleaning company should provide its employees with criminal background checks to protect both the customer and their employees. You can also ask for proof that the workers have valid identification and are legal residents of the United States. Taking these extra steps will help ensure you are hiring trustworthy individuals who are qualified to do the job.

Research Insurance and Licensing Requirements.

Before signing a contract with any house cleaning service, make sure to find out if the company has the appropriate insurance and licensing requirements. Check the policy from both the state and local levels to ensure that the service is meeting all necessary obligations. Additionally, confirm if their employees have undergone comprehensive background checks for your safety and peace of mind.

Insurance, Bonding, and Permits

When looking for a house cleaning service you should always look for a trustworthy and reliable option. Ensure the company is fully insured, covering any property damage, theft, or accidental injury that may occur while they are on your property.

Professionally Trained Home Cleaners

If you are hiring a professional house cleaner, it’s important to ensure they are trustworthy and dependable. Check their references, research the cleaning service’s credentials and speak with past customers to get an accurate impression of their experiences. Pay attention to how experienced they are in the field and whether they use proper training and safety procedures when cleaning. This can help ensure that you have an efficient, reliable experience when working with a house cleaning service.

Experience, Affiliations & Accreditations

Find out how long the cleaning company you are researching has been in business and the level of experience they have.  Also, look out for awards, accreditations, or affiliations with professional organizations to ensure they are a trustworthy provider. Being informed of such recognition highlights the company’s dedication to perfection and reputation.

Customer Values

When it comes to hiring a home cleaner, trustworthiness should be top of your list. To determine if the house cleaner is reliable, you should look for good communication skills and professionalism during the initial contact. Take note of how they respond to your first email or phone call since that can reveal a lot about their character and indicate whether or not you can trust them with access to your home.

What does the house cleaning companies’ online reputation look like? 

Keep in mind that you can’t expect every cleaning company to have a 5-star rating.  You will see some negative feedback, as we know it’s not possible to meet every person’s expectations.  What is more important is how did the cleaning company respond to the negative review. If they approach the review with professionalism then you are most likely to see that type of response when you experience the cleaning service for yourself. 

Does the cleaning company offer a Satisfaction Guaranteed?

Most house cleaning companies honor their service.  They are not in the business of making angry customers.  Find out what the cleaning company offers as a guarantee. Some offer a guarantee that states if you are not happy, just let them know within a 24-hour time frame and they will make it right.  Sometimes cleaning companies will offer more, possibly a free service for your inconvenience.  

What about damaged or broken items?

Let’s face it, this is a human-based business and people are going to make mistakes or break things.  Most insurance companies carry liability policies for this exact reason.  However, sometimes the cost of the item that is broken or damaged falls below the cost of the insurance deductible.  Let your house cleaning company know right away if something is damaged or broken. They will ask questions to find out more and most likely will make it right.  

Terms of Service

Every cleaning company offers different terms of service.  It’s important at the beginning of the relationship to find out what the house cleaning companies’ terms of service are.  Most will have something in writing that you can review.  

Terms of service typically cover things like, what happens if you are not home during the cleaning. How do they handle lockouts, what about pets, etc?  If they don’t send you the terms of service right away, find out how you can get a copy so you can have it when something happens. 

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