I know, you’re probably thinking why would you send this to me? Well, I should know Why Most Cleaning Companies Suck, I’ve been in the house cleaning business for over 13 years.

So Why do they?

  • They have inadequate hiring practices
  • They Lack proper employee training
  • They Lack industry knowledge
  • They have Lack of trust

I got lucky, or as some may say my path was developed for me to be successful at owning a business. Why, I have a psychology degree, I spent over 10 years as a Human Resources Director, I worked for a company where I implemented Systems and Processes for success and I had a family that taught me morals about doing the right thing, even when someone isn’t looking.

So what does all this mean for you?

At Maid 4 Time

  • We know how to hire! We hire professional cleaners, I’ve trained my office staff on what to look for, how to ask behavior based questions and we put all our cleaners through a background check and on-site shadowing. We want them to show us they can clean, not just tell us!
  • We offer continuous training:- Our cleaners take a chemistry class and we offer continuous training videos to ensure they don’t damage items in your home
  • We have Industry Knowledge: Maid 4 Time office staff go to industry meetings to learn about new products, new home surfaces, and get certified in things like how to clean for Covid-19
  • We Build Trust from the First contact with us: We get it, your allowing a stranger into your home. So how to we overcome the fear. It all starts with the phone call, we want to get to know you. You have access to the owner, Tina Servis, we send a photo of each cleaner that will be visiting your home. We have insurance, and we have a 97% client satisfaction rating!